Welcome to the Greater Together Campaign

The National Apprenticeship Service and the North East Chamber of Commerce are working with 21 sponsors to deliver the unique Greater Together campaign.

By working together we are aiming to encourage as many North East businesses as possible to recruit as many apprentices as possible before the 27 March 2015.  

If you would like to employ an apprentice we’re here to support you to make that first step. On this website you will find information about funding, training organisations, details about the campaign success, as well as the latest news and information on local events.

The Greater Together Campaign runs from 2nd february - 27th march 2015


Take On An Apprentice And A more Motivated Workforce

The benefits of apprenticeships are becoming increasingly obvious to more and more businesses. It’s a fact that apprenticeships develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

A growing number of companies are offering apprenticeships, with 96 per cent of businesses reporting benefits from their apprentices.

As well as a free vacancy service and funding towards training, employers who have not taken on an apprentice in the last year may also be eligible to receive a £1,500 grant.

  • DO You Want?

    Reduced recruitment and training costs?

    To increase productivity and your bottom line?

    To develop a skilled, motivated and qualified workforce?

    Improved customer service results?

    To provide financial return on investment?

    If so, then Apprenticeships are for you and your business.

  • Apprenticeships Are Great For Business

    They provide real, measurable business benefits.

    They bring productive, enthusiastic and loyal young people into your organisation.

    They demonstrate your commitment to investing in people.

    They increase productivity and efficiency and help businesses to grow.

    They bring new and fresh ideas into an organisation.

Interested in taking on an Apprentice?

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